wednesday words 7.26

Thanks in large part to a baby sitter who didn’t go away for the summer this year, I am done editing my spy novel. Woot!

Next steps:

Oral read through with the hubs. I do this with every novel. It’s pain staking and time consuming but I know from experience it’s worth every minute.

But that means: new projects!! First up is to take a left over scene from that murder mystery I wrote and then hated a few years back and work it up into a fun short for the convention that’s coming up.

But Dan Alatorre is putting together an anthology, a scary/spooky/creepy anthology he wants to publish October 1st. Ouch. I told I would tell him yes or no by Friday. I need a new idea and a story written and edited by end of August to make that time line. Essentially working both shorts at the same time with the same due date.

Realistically I manage to scrape together 5 hours a week to write.

Is that really enough time?? What say you dear readers?

5 thoughts on “wednesday words 7.26

  1. How long of shorts? Personally I wouldn’t commit to a project with a 30 day deadline if I didn’t have an idea formed…but we’re all different, so my process may not be applicable to yours at all. Do you really want to do it? If you really want to, then I would think you could make it happen. Short pieces are SO much easier to finish.
    Congrats on being to the hubby-beta stage on your spy novel…so exciting!!

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