Fiendish Friday: Keep your hands to my back

One of the things I started doing for myself when I began teaching at the coop this past year was to get a massage, every three weeks, if I can get it on the books. It’s ridiculously indulgent. But we all need something ridiculously indulgent in our lives. Better this than a pan full of brownies.

I don’t like change. When I find a provider I like, I go with them every time. I will rearrange my schedule to make any openings they have in their schedule rather than take what easily works for me. I’m loyal like that.

So I started with one I really liked. She was awesome. But after a few months it got really hard to book with her. She was popular and her availability and mine just didn’t gel. So I switched and the new one was even better.  Yay! I was happy. Life was massage good. Then she moved to Texas. Texas. Seriously. The same month my hair dresser moved to Texas. WTF? (I am not moving to Texas) Before she left she gave me a couple of names. I checked on them. One has availability that will almost never work for me. The other was male.

So I went back to the first therapist I liked. She has now canceled the morning of the appt three times in a row. I guess I know why her schedule is so open these days.

So I am about to do the unthinkable, see a male therapist. gulp.


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