Wednesday Words 5.30

Man is the 13th of June coming hard and fast.

I have just about finished the final edit check. Which is good because the kiddo and I are making our annual pilgrimage south on Friday and I need to get all my ducks in line before I go. Laughing.

There really is no minute like the last minute.

But co-op is done for the summer. I’m writing words many days a week. My stress level is dropping. Free time is right around the corner (lots of summer camps for the kiddo) so I can crank out many, many more words. LOL

I donated a basket for the end of the year auction. A couple of my books, a coffee mug about reading, a bookmark, some tea, some chocolates, and the right to name a character of their choice in my Dismember series. Went for the most amount money. It’s all about the naming of the character. People were mad about that. Laughing.

Quick shout out to the lovely Sheri J Kennedy who just released her 2nd novel in The Adventures of Miss Livingston series, Memory Key.

How’s it going with your WIP? Big summer plans?

Wednesday Words 5.23

It is almost June. Just writing that sentence makes my stomach flip over in terror.

On one hand, co-op is almost over. I love those kids like they were my own. I adore teaching them and the things they say and laughter that permeates every class.

But I’m so done with them right now. Summer break is just what the doctor ordered.

By September I’ll be ready to love them again.

On the other hand, I’ve committed to June 13th as the release date for The Body in the Pool. For some reason this time all my critique partners were soooo slow. I just got my line editor’s feedback yesterday. Yesterday. Gulp.

I went to beta without getting feedback from my critique partners, they were so slow.

Three weeks is all I have left. So I better say TTFN and get back to my editing while the kiddo is at class and not demanding my attention.

Fiendish Friday: I got nothing

No, seriously. Nothing came to me this week as funny and blog worthy. I’ve been keeping my head down working. If it isn’t new words, it’s blacksmithing old ones, or playing with the attachments to my dremmel to remove tile.  It’s hard for anything much to happen when you keep your head down and just work. And that was kind of the point.

Way too much drama lately.

Come on brain, come up with something rant worthy.

oooh, we’re in the middle of mock registration for the co-op and I offered three options for history class next year. I planned to teach the one that got the most votes. Wouldn’t you know it, the votes are even.

That was pitiful.

But on the other hand, I am at balance again.Three cheers for life being “boring.” Embrace the calm.

What’s the most calming thing you did this week?

Wednesday Words 2.28

Goodbye February. You were colder than you had any right to be and way more snowy than you have been past years.

Hello March. Normally I have little opinion about March. It comes between my god it is obscenely cold and the month of never ending birthdays, so March gets short shift. But this year, I am embracing March. I am marching forward on my murder mysteries. I am marching forward on a short story for another anthology. I am marching forward on ripping out the ugliest peach shell adorned 90s bathroom tile, I hated since I toured this house 4 and half years ago. I am Marching forward.

And yes, you can interpret that above paragraph to mean I am writing and editing actively, then ripping out tile when I get mad at my drafts.

But today I read a little blog post on Writer Unboxed about knowing your ideal reader. Not just knowing your ideal reader but picking the ideal reader than actually works rather than the one you think will make you look good.

In reality, my ideal reader is mostly 30-45 year old women with lives they want an occasional intelligent escape from. Readers who are knowledgeable and want to believe what they read without working overtime on their suspension of disbelief. Which strangely enough sounds quite like me. LOL. (I may occasionally appeal to the same male reader.)

Which in some ways works to my benefit because I read another statistic recently that said like 62% of all readers are female. So there you go.

What about you? What kind of reader are you?

Fiendish Friday: Holy Crud

I like routines. I think you’ve caught that if you ever read my blog at all. I like routines. I also like coffee. In fact, me without coffee is not someone you want to meet in a back alley, or anywhere else. LOL.

I get up, I make coffee, I do a little work for the coop, I read my email, I read posts from the blogs I follow that are already up (I get up fairly early since my ten day run on east coast time, I am trying NOT to adjust back), then I read my daily email from Writer Unboxed. Usually this all takes about half an hour and then I am ready to do real work.

Some days the post from WU gets deleted before I am a paragraph in. Some days, I read half of it before thinking “Oh this is a Donald Maass post.” And some days I finish reading only to sit in my chair dumbfounded. Today was the latter.

One line blew my mind.

Whether they’re changed forever, at this point, is mostly luck; they already made the wrong decision.


The author, Annie Neugebauer,  described what her husband called summit fever. The phenomena that occurs when climbers see the summit in their grasp and toss their carefully crafted plan into the wind, to go for it. It may all work out just fine or they may die.

Then she tied it to the life of a writer. You go read her post if you like, it’s quite good and not at all long, which increases the punch, in my opinion.

But there I sat in my chair, almost empty cup of luke warm coffee clutched in both hands, wondering, did I already make the wrong decision? Am I so focused on the summit, that I am following everyone’s advice even when my instincts tell me no?

I think I am. Damn. Time for a snack break and an evaluation of the plan.

Wednesday Words 9.27

I am a crazy woman. How’s that for some words? LOL
Things are just this side of total insanity and I hope it’s just start of the co-op year drama and will settle down shortly. If not, well … let’s not go there just yet.
BIG WORD: The Box Under The Bed, the anthology I contributed to, is doing mad work on Amazon, in and out of the top ten and it isn’t even out yet. Our entries are being considered for inclusion in the year’s best horror. And you can still get it on e-book for the pre-order price of 99 cents. Yup, 99 cents. 
Corollary to the big word: Despite extensive efforts by our editor, my name was not working correctly as a contributor for the book. When I tried to claim in, that didn’t even work. So I had to contact Author Central Support.
They have this little form you fill out. You can call, snort, or email. As I am filling in the email, the little box says, are you sure you don’t want to call, less than a minute of wait time. Hrm, I have 19 minutes until I have to be in class, ok. I click call me. They call and put me on hold. Suddenly the average wait time is 2 minutes. ok. After nine minutes they hang up on me. LOL. I emailed. And Amazon actually fixed the problem within 24 hours! Note the date.
I am part way through the oral recitation of my spy novel. I know what you’re thinking, oral what? So I read my work out loud to my hubs who follows along on paper and points out all my mistakes as well as all the times I read something other than what is on the paper and when it sounds better. LOL It is time consuming but it catches a lot of oops and my dialogue is always better for it.  It’s one of the last things I do before publication.
The cover design is jamming along. I actually think it’s almost perfect which means I need to get my s-h-i-t together and write the back blurb and get new author pics taken. I want to do something fun that goes with this genre.
I am aiming for an early November release date. More on that when a few more t’s are crossed.

Wednesday Words 8.9

Has this ever happened to you? You finish writing, editing, and fine tuning a piece…all that is left is the last double checking, whatever your process for that might be. And then while you’re walking your dog (running on your tread mill) thinking about the next piece you are about to write that day….you realize you forgot to wrap up a thread in your story. Maybe it’s a minor thread. Maybe the fact that it is dangling has no baring on the any of the plots. Maybe no one would even notice but you….but somehow the idea that a character of yours is walking around with duct tape holding a knife wound closed rubs you the wrong way.

Oh well. There’s still time to bring in a doctor.

I spent a bit of time with my old mystery this week. I had planned to cut a chapter and reword it as an entry for the SIWC competition but I can’t tell if it’s working.

I wrote a new short for the scary anthology. I have no idea if it’s even scary. LOL.

Sigh. At least I’m working forward.

wednesday words 7.26

Thanks in large part to a baby sitter who didn’t go away for the summer this year, I am done editing my spy novel. Woot!

Next steps:

Oral read through with the hubs. I do this with every novel. It’s pain staking and time consuming but I know from experience it’s worth every minute.

But that means: new projects!! First up is to take a left over scene from that murder mystery I wrote and then hated a few years back and work it up into a fun short for the convention that’s coming up.

But Dan Alatorre is putting together an anthology, a scary/spooky/creepy anthology he wants to publish October 1st. Ouch. I told I would tell him yes or no by Friday. I need a new idea and a story written and edited by end of August to make that time line. Essentially working both shorts at the same time with the same due date.

Realistically I manage to scrape together 5 hours a week to write.

Is that really enough time?? What say you dear readers?

Wednesday Words 7.19

I have friends in town. That usually makes for very little writing time. But….

The hubs is working on his dissertation. The wife is getting yet another Masters. And the son is doing camp nano.

Woot. Off to write in we went. 7 chapters in 3 hours. I love the pressure of a group write. Everyone head down and pressure on.

I can still see the join between the chapters I wrote several years ago and the ones I wrote last year. There is such a quality difference, which equals a real difference in the number of hours each chapter takes to be made amusing. But I’m moving forward.

Wednesday Words 7.12

Hello my fellow writers. It is camp Nano time. I usually don’t do the camp ones but they have really changed up the process. So this year I joined a private cabin with my local writing mates and set my goal to the number of minutes spent editing. Yup, you can set goals different from words written. Love this camp thing.

Despite a mad amount of work I got done this last week, I readjusted my camp goal down. Yeah, they let you adjust your camp nano goal. Shocking right? I just lost too much time when the kiddo and then the husband got the grunge that was going around.

Anyway, 7 more chapters edited. I’ve been cleaning up all my justs and buts. Weaving in little bits I had left dangling. For example, in one chapter while Talon is on his way to Moscow Penelope tells him not to drink Siberian Siren vodka, he won’t like how it’s made. I realized I never followed that up. It’s only funny if you know how it’s made. So I found the perfect place to weave it into the story so the reader gets the joke.

How is it made you ask? snort. You’ll just have to wait to get your hands on my novel. Release date in December…..