Fiendish Friday: I got nothing

No, seriously. Nothing came to me this week as funny and blog worthy. I’ve been keeping my head down working. If it isn’t new words, it’s blacksmithing old ones, or playing with the attachments to my dremmel to remove tile.  It’s hard for anything much to happen when you keep your head down and just work. And that was kind of the point.

Way too much drama lately.

Come on brain, come up with something rant worthy.

oooh, we’re in the middle of mock registration for the co-op and I offered three options for history class next year. I planned to teach the one that got the most votes. Wouldn’t you know it, the votes are even.

That was pitiful.

But on the other hand, I am at balance again.Three cheers for life being “boring.” Embrace the calm.

What’s the most calming thing you did this week?

8 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: I got nothing

  1. Yeah, sometime status quo is awesome. I got this cheesy, very conservative little English garden online program today where I can plant spring flowers without getting my hands dirty. I some encouragement that Spring was coming. I feel totally corny admitting it, but it’s working for me. When I started it, the soundtrack of birdsong was really peaceful, so I’m leaving the window open on my computer so I can hear it while I work. So calming. 🙂

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