I got nothing

I try to be clever with my titles. I do. I actually spend quite some time thinking about attention grabbing or funny or entertaining things I can say to get readers. But today there was a void in that section of my brain.

I might be a terrible wife. Yesterday my son wanted sushi so I told my hubby where I usually take him and they went. Hubby came home very happy with sushi place. Then this morning he woke up sick as a dog. oops. Then I compounded it by suggesting since he was home anyway maybe I could go to the mid day write in. But because I have the  most amazing husband ever, he said sure honey, I can handle it. sigh. swoon.

So I made it to the Monday Mid Day Muse. Woohoo! It was me and one other Nanowrimo. laughing. Oh well. I wrote like it was a full on crowded table of dedicated writers. In fact I was ssad to leave because I had this scene and it was rolling out so beautifully, I hated to abandon it. So when I got home I found my son watching Star Wars and I joined him on the couch cross legged. My son on one leg and my laptop balanced on the other. I got the scene done and another one that developed in my head while I was driving. Guess the Force was with me. (hehe)

Time writing: One hour 15 at the write in, 30 minutes at home.

Words written today: 1941

Cumulative total: 25146 or 50.3% (3193 behind)

Scene of the day:

Late that evening Nicholas came to my room, creeping quietly, with a robe up over his head. “I am the ghost of Christmas present, come to bring gifts to my lady fair.”

I laughed and then shushed him. “I take it this means you found something.”

“Oh I found something indeed.” From under his robe he produced a packet of letters tied in cliché form with a pink ribbon.

“Love letters?” I asked hopeful.

Nicholas nodded. “From dear old mum to Lord Galwish.”

“Lord Galwish.” I made a face. “I always found him a little obsequious for my taste.”

Nicholas assumed a puzzled look, “I always found him a little male for my taste but I’ll take your word that he isn’t every woman’s cup of tea.”

“He isn’t. There’s something unappetizing about him.”

“You would be right.” Nicholas flipped through the pile. “Read this letter.”

“Ick. Do I have to?”

“I think so.”

I took the letter and skimmed it with distaste. As I neared the end, I inhaled quickly. “Oh my.”

Nicholas nodded.

“Am I reading this correctly? They’re not only having an affair but they are indulging in,” I stopped myself.

Nicholas nodded again, “That’s what I got out of that mess of filth.”

I sat silent for a moment or two while my brain processed this shock. And then I realized this was the answer to both our problems in terms of our parents. “Oh Nicholas. This is wonderful.”

Nicholas gaped at me for a moment. “I think you’ll need to explain this one to me.”

“All you need to do is tell our mother you know about her affair, that you have the letters as proof, and if she doesn’t back your marriage to Lila you will not only tell our father but you will publish the more licentious portions.”

“Molly, are you suggesting I blackmail our own mother?” Nicholas’s horror was just a tad overdone.

“Don’t pretend dear brother you are shocked or offended. You’re just hurt I thought of it first.”

“Touche.” Nicholas smiled.

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