Sunday: the day the music died, and I was singing bye bye…

I have to stop this song thing I have going. Maybe it’s time to move on to cheesy movie lines. “Somebody stop me.”

It was a bit of a busy day around the home. Which always translates into little writing time. I seem to have done the preponderance of my writing at write ins. Which makes me think that might be a fun challenge for next year. No writing what so ever outside of write ins or meet ups. I’ll give that some thought. I still need to make it through this year’s nano before I start making it harder on myself next year.

This reminds me of this woman I met during my first nano. I was struggling with word count and finding time to write and she was writing three 50K novels at the same time because she needed more of a challenge. laughing. We all have our own crosses to bear I guess.

Time today: 45 minutes

words today: 689

Cumulative total: 23205 or 46.4% (3467 behind)

Scene to share:

“Ms. O’Rourke has not yet risen.” Her house maid informed me.

“Then wake her. It is imperative I speak with her this morning.”

The house maid hesitated.


“One moment.”

It was closer to three minutes before I heard Lila. “Do you have any idea what time it is? Or how foul morning sickness is?”

“Oh, Lila. I am so sorry. But it’s desperate here.”

“It better be, given you got me out of bed before I ate my crackers. And if I were you I would make it quick. Things are precarious.”

The need to explain and get advice before Lila rang off to be sick, forced me to be more blunt than my sensibilities would have liked. “Patrick doesn’t remember me. How do I get his attention?”

“He doesn’t remember you? The cad. Drop him immediately.”

“No, No, Lila. Please. Help me.”

Lila sighed deeply. “Fine but know I think this is a bad idea. Some men prefer the chase. Ignore him. Be cold. Make him want to find out why you don’t want him.”

“I can do that. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. Wait til I fill Nicholas in on this little call. Ta.”

Character of the day: With held. There is really only one important character left and you’re not ready to meet him yet. Patience young padawan.

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