S is for Sleep


This post won’t be full of quotes from Norwescon but since I did come to this conclusion at con, I include it in this month of wisdom. Last December I started getting up at 5A so I could write before my son woke up and sucked all the time out of my day. After all how could I call myself a writer if I was not actually writing.

The problem was, I was miserable. Miserable. Miserable.

In fact, I seriously considered quitting writing.

All the people who kept telling me to just keep working away at it. Keep posting and publishing and eventually I would garner a following because my writing was sooo good, infuriated me. More years of this getting up before dawn to be miserable? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So I decided at con to quit.

My alarm clock that is. I get up at 7 maybe 730 now and I’m happy. My bio-rhythms just don’t like to get up that early. How will I find time to write you ask? I started giving my kiddo one hour of free screen time a weekday on the basis that he will not bother me for anything short of a German Invasion for that hour.

13 thoughts on “S is for Sleep

  1. I used to think sleep was for the weak. Then I discovered that I’m very weak indeed! The problem with cutting back on sleep is that it made me too tired to be creative. So now I get a good night’s sleep and squeeze the writing in as I can. Far more productive! 😀

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