Here’s a little post I wrote, you might want to read it word for word

Yeah I’m keeping on with the cheesy song lyrics. I dont know why (I swallowed that fly)….

I am stinking tired today. I don’t know if it was the mega push of words last night left a big hole in my brain that has not yet been filled in my creative plot twists or if my five year old is actively sucking every bit of energy out of my body. Maybe I should take a vote on that one. LOL

This morning was the monthly Sno Valley Writes meeting. Our intrepid leader discussed the process around getting published. I am not ready. That is what I learned today. LOL. Not really. I already knew I wasn’t ready. Lack of a completed novel was sort of a give away. We wrote after that with a quick venue change to the Black Dog. I had a hard time staying on task though. The conversation was just too good. So was the Turkey Reuben hold the bread.

Time spent writing today: 90 minutes maybe. If I’m being generous and I ignore all the time we spent looking for a picture of Cooper for the blog. You’ll see him soon I promise.

Words written today: 828

Cumulative total: 22516 or  45% (2489 behind or 5%)

Section to share: full disclosure I didn’t actually write this today but I did my read through last night to look for where I need to buff things out and add more, change more, fix more, etc and this passage amused me. It’s from the screen play Molly is writing in the novel.

Lead comes through the ward checking on patients, taking vitals, joking with some, lighting cigarettes for others. She stops at his bed.

Lead: “Good morning. Good to see you up and about.”

Soldier: “There’s not much up and a about to it.” Angry tone.

Lead: “No need to be dour. You’ll be up striding about in no time.”

Soldier: “Bloody good that will do me.”

Lead: “So you lost your arm, many a soldier has given much more. And you’ll learn to use your left hand in no time at all.”

Soldier snorts: “I’m already left handed.”

Lead laughs uproariously and it rings through the tent, soldiers joining in because they like to see her happy. After a moment the soldier in front of her chuckles weakly.

Character of the Day: Elizabeth Barlow

Assists Molly in getting her screen play in front of a director. Elizabeth gets a promotion to assistant director for her troubles and subsequently looks very fondly on Molly and tries to help her where she can despite judging Molly for her uppercrust upbringing.


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