Cause Thursday is a hard working day and Friday I (get to play)

By now some of you might have caught on to my little nod to the song Blue Monday. My fave version is from the Jeff Healy Band in the movie Roadhouse. Why a Roadhouse nod you ask? Because that’s where the Sno Valley region held the night of writing dangerously. Fall City Roadhouse. It’s a fun write in with lots of games and a little torture. Not to mention amazing food. Seriously amazing food. Some people get to stay over night and turn it in to a pajama party. Sadly my five year old thinks mommy should sleep at home. LOL.

It was a good writing night for me I think. I won all the word wars and word sprints as well as the most words written. Go me.

It was a costume event, go as a superhero. But since we are writers, really no one showed up as Ironman or Batman or well you get the picture. The winner was Ketchup girl, who needed to catch up on her word count. She wore a fabulous red cape and a necklace made out of ketchup packets. It was a truly clever costume.

And once again my amazing friend Krista took my son for a couple of hours so I could get to the event only a little late rather than going after my husband got home. Krista, if I ever get a publisher, you are so being immortalized in the thanks page.

Time writing today: A little hard to calculate, 545 til 1030 at the write in venue but between dinner and all the games, not all of that was writing time.

Words written: 2403

Cumulative total: 21688 or 43.4% (I am 1650 behind)

Scene for the day: . I was peppered with questions about my film scripts and the occasional suggestion on who should be cast in the leading roles. Nicholas of course started this conversation. He was incapable of not starting trouble when the opportunity presented itself and if the opportunity didn’t present itself he often created it. I kept my mouth shut and gave Nicholas the evil eye often enough to remind him that I could bring up uncomfortable subjects too.

Character of the day: Lady Richmond

Molly’s mother. All she wants is for her daughter to make a good marriage to an appropriate peer of the realm so that she can focus on what really matters. Fashion. And those secretive letters she writes and hides when anyone comes into the room. Is mom up to no good? Can Molly and Nicholas figure it out and use the knowledge to their advantage.


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