Here come Wednesday, I plead to myself

just write five more minutes, Cause there’s only 18 days of nano left. LOL

Wednesday night write in. I love this event. Once again I brought my kiddo. Without babysitter again. I hate the idea of finding a new one. I would rather keep tolerating her flakiness because she is amazing with my son, when she shows up.

I have spent a lot of posts talking about the hows of writing. Finding the time. Etc. I thought I might touch on the actual writing itself. Last year I wrote this spy novel. It felt like every sentence need an hour’s research. I couldn’t just let it roll out. And when I did just let it roll I found later I had to change half of it because my time line was out of whack or some other major flaw. This time the words just flow. It’s Snoqualmie Falls after a huge storm. I almost can’t type fast enough sometimes to keep up with the thought flow. It’s actually been a joy to write this novel. At this point 12 days into this nano I have written more than I did in all of November last year or the year before.

Time: 90 minutes

Words written: 1458

Cumulative total: 19160 or 38.3% (844 words behind)

Section for today:

Nicholas smiled. “Our parents had that little party when I left, she was there. I hadn’t seen her since she was all legs and teeth at Stonecroft. We wrote the whole time I was gone. And I married her quietly after Normandy.”

“A big step from pen pal to marriage.”

Nicholas got up and poured himself a new drink. He took a long swallow before he answered. “I lost so many mates on that day. You know what I am talking about.”

Character of the day: Sir Nicholas Leighton

Molly’s favorite brother. They are close in age and temperament. They were playmates as children united against their old brother and their parents. They are still partners in crime.


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