It’s Tuesday, oh hard Tuesday

why was today rough? Veterans Day.

Don’t get me wrong at all. I am grateful for those who gave their time and risked their lives to defend our country. I have ancestors and relatives in every major war this country ever fought from the Revolutionary through Vietnam, including family on both sides of the Civil war. How fun is that?

However, I don’t see why my son needs to have the day off school. Taking my son to a write in increases the prep time to leave the house by five. And it decreases the time I get to write. And it increases the interruptions to my thought flow by a factor of 100 meaning I am way less productive while I am there. All this extra prep meant I was late for the write in, which tourned out ok because the Writers Cottage was closed for Veterans Day. sigh.

We ended up a Panera. I wrote for a while and then got longer than I expected because I could buy my son a grilled cheese sammie. Plus I have to give them props for having one of the best chai lattes I have ever had. So good I had to get an extra one to go.

What all this meant was: from 1015 to 1 I was at “write in” but I only really got about 90 minutes of interrupted writing time. A side kudos to Deb who tried to bribe some patience from my son with a homemade oatmeal cookie.

Words today: 1489 all written at the write in

Cumulative total: 17702 or 35.4%. (635 words behind)


I swallowed and smiled weakly. Nicholas and I had a deal, forged when we were eight and nine and our older brother Stephen had played a long running joke on the two of us regarding the health of a much loved springer spaniel, Tiffy. He convinced us she had cancer and that the tumor was growing exponentially. Finally when she disappeared for two days he convinced us she had run off to die alone. We were inconsolable until the stable hand announced Tiffy had whelped six wriggly puppies. We made this deal on the spot. Two deals actually. The first was that we would hate Stephen and never ever speak to him again. The more important deal was that if one of us asked the other to ‘tell the truth’ we would instantly cease whatever game or trick we were playing and fess up.

Character of the day: Patrick Dumount

Molly’s soldier. sigh. He was charming and vulnerable when she met him in the European theater late in the war. He won her heart. Now an actor with Rank Film and her entire reason for writing the film script. But is he really the hero she thinks he is? Is he really the man she thinks he is? Will it be happily ever after or tears?


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