Blue Monday, aw it’s blue Monday

Gotta work, rather sleep all day.

ok not really. It’s only blue here because it is COLD. Fall as ended in my neck of the woods and winter is upon us.

Monday is rarely my best writing day though. I volunteer at my son’s library, I’ve talked about this before I know, but because I do so that leaves me with little writing time before he comes home from school. So then I have to write after he goes to bed. Writing after he goes to bed is always risky, I’m usually tired. Today is no exception. In addition to the library time, I spent another half hour on the phone with the power people. Hosted a double play date (5 kids in my house). Did a small ton of house work. Tired was 2 hours ago.

Right now my husband, who just got home, and my son are cutting out snow flakes at the dining table while I stare at my nano novel and will words to come. They didn’t.

Time Writing today: 30 minutes

Words written today: 698

Cumulative total: 16213 or 32.4%. I am now 457 words behind to finish by the 30th.

Phrase of the day:

My mother was behind her desk writing letters and she slid the one she was working on under her blotter in response to my greeting. “Hello Margaret my dear. You are home early. Excited about the weekend?”

I smiled. “Mother, it’s time for complete honesty. I do not want to get married.”

“Nonsense darling every woman wants to get married.” My mother dismissed my opinion without further thought.

Oh to be that secure in your belief system. “I do not. I am writing. I want to be a writer.”

“Do you really think it’s wise to get too involved in those intellectual pursuits? Some men would balk from such a wife.”

I sighed. “I will say this very slowly and with words of one syllable. I. do. Not. Want. To. Get. Mar. ried.”

“I believe you will find married is really two syllables darling. A writer would know such things.”

Character of the day: Wadsworth, butler at Goodwin

I know he’s a very minor character but as I said I’m tired. He’s a loyal Butler, good at his job, and likes Molly, aiding and abetting her in her schemes. And with a name like Wadsworth, there is only one picture I can post.


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