And boy am I tired…

Greetings and Salutations,

Today was Double Down in the Valley. The Double Down day was actually yesterday for Nano but the Sno Valley moved the event to today. We started at 10AM at one location, moved at noon, at two, and at four. We wrapped by 630 and I was home in time to put my little one down and then put in several more hours writing. Why all this insanity you ask when I didn’t even bother to post yesterday?

Well, Double Down according to Nano is about doubling your daily word count or doubling your donation to them. But I got inspired to DOUBLE my ENTIRE word count or if I failed to double my donation to them. Non donated monies to be used for a pedicure for yours truly this week. Talk about serious inspiration. I need a pedicure like nobody’s business.

As for yesterday, well, I didn’t post because there was too much life in my Saturday to fit any Nano into it. And I’m ok with that. You should be too.

So without further ado:

Hours spent writing: Eight hours at the marathon, minus drive time between locations, and chatting with some of my favorite people. As a side note I won every word war. Go me! Then 2 more hours solid writing after the little one went to sleep. You do the math on that if you are so inclined, I’m too tired.

Words written today: 7761

Cumulative total: 15515 or 31% of my novel. I’ll do the math for you on this one, yes, I doubled my word count. Pedicure here I come.

I wrote way too much today to pick one segment or line to showcase.

Character of the day: Frances “Frankie” O’Rourke

An Irish lass with a quick wit and lilting brogue. Molly’s best friend from the war. They spent time together in the European theater.


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