It’s Friday I’m in love

I know what you are thinking…What happened to Thursday?

We’re not going to talk about that. Ever.

So on to Friday…The write in this morning was at one of my non preferred locations but still today it was pleasant and productive. They tend to play a lot of local music which is awesome, I love that they support local artists of all types, until you’ve heard the same CD nine times in the same afternoon and the lyrics are starting to creep into your work. Today luckily it was all acoustical, so no lyric creepage. Almost as cool was the fact that when I asked for a tea, the waitress brought me a pot, not just a cup. sigh. I have to enjoy the little things right now. I got a speeding ticket yesterday in the worst speed trap in my town and that has blown the Nano reward budget. Why was I speeding if I knew there was a speed trap? I thought we discussed this. Thursday will not be discussed under any circumstances.

Time writing: 1 1/2 hours at write in. Some chatting occurred. Immensely grateful for Alex who reminded us more than once we were there to write. I think he’s coming to the Tuesday write in this next week which should up my productivity there too. LOL.

Words today: 1279

Cumulative Words: 7754 or 15.5% (3915 behind)


“His lordship rang this evening while you were out.”

I sighed, and then rallied. “I have no time for phone calls now or in the immediate future. Tell my callers I am in bed with typhus if you must but do not disturb me for anything short of a German invasion.”

Character of the day: Lila O’Rourke

Molly’s oldest friend. They were in Boarding school together. While Molly went off to war, Lila stayed home and drank

martinis during the Blitz. She scatter brained, flighty, and irreverent but she’s loyal.


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