If it’s Wednesday it must be write in time…

I love Wednesday night write in. This write in meets year round; it is such a pleasure every time I go. I never leave feeling drained or demotivated but joyful about my writing; where it is and where it is going. Even when my babysitter calls in sick and I have to take my five year old with me. It is still a darn good experience. Tonight I got this idea from a fellow Nanowrimo to add a little cast of characters to my blog. So expect that now each day.

But let me back up a little. I actually got two writing sessions in today thanks to my fab friend Krista who I think felt sorry for me after yesterday’s sobbing little post and offered to have my son for a play date all afternoon. This meant not only did I get to write some but I got to grab a little snooze which helped me be super productive tonight. It may not take a village to raise a child but it certainly takes a village to raise one and write a novel. LOL

Time spent writing today: 2 or maybe 2 and 1/2 hours. It’s a little blurry because a lot of gabbing goes on at Wednesday night write in. I was there about 2 1/2 hours plus this time this afternoon but not all of that was actual fingers on the keyboard.

Words today: 1869 (I was on a serious roll but my son really wanted to go home so I had to abandon my dear Molly.)

Cumulative total: 6469 or 12.9% Technically I am behind a wee bit. Basically down 1866 words. But Sunday is Double Down around the valley and I should make it all up and gravy. If you don’t double your word count you have to double your donation to Nanowrimo.

Bit for you to read:

Rummaging through my hats I looked for something I could wear to shield that side of my face. I found in the back of my wardrobe, a cloche from the early thirties, I must have worn it to a costume party at some point with a flapper ensemble. It would do today since it pushed my hair forward covering the smudges. I grabbed a silky shirt dress and tried to straighten my stockings. How I longed for my trousers. Low heel lace up shoes and a swing coat completed the ensemble. I looked vaguely old fashioned but just enough that it looked as a particular choice and nod to a playful time. Not as though I was a provincial miss.

Character of the day: Lady Margaret Leighton, better known as Molly to her friends. Only daughter of the Duke of Richmond. She spent five years as a QA in two theaters of battle during WWII. She uses her experiences as a QA to write a screen play in an effort to get closer to a soldier she nursed and consequently fell for but lost touch with during her stint in the European theater.

I add a picture of how I see her in my mind. Feel free to have other opinions.


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