I’ve been thinking Thursday: Profound Memes

I saw this meme recently that said “doing your best does not mean working yourself to death.”

I’m sure for someone that made perfect logical sense.

My brain, however, just keep spluttering.

If I am doing my best, I should keep at it until the thing is done and done right. You can’t put a time limit or an effort limit on doing your best. Your best is your best. It’s not someone else’s.

And we all have varying degrees of “best” in us. My son for example, his best vacuuming will leave crumbs under the dining table. Mine doesn’t. His best lacks experience right now. He’ll gain it. In five year if he is still leaving crumbs under the table, I won’t accept that was his best. LOL.

So how do I draw the line for me?

“I wanted to do my best but you know, that took too much effort, so I went to bed instead.”

Not happening.

And maybe I would be healthier, and happier, and less tired if I did. But I can’t.

My best is 100%. Anything that deserves my best, deserves that.

Then again I might be crazy. What do you think?

9 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking Thursday: Profound Memes

  1. You can’t sprint your way through a marathon. Sometimes you have to pace yourself in order to deliver your best results. And most things we do in life last a lot longer than a marathon.

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  2. This of course hinges on your personal definition of best. Mine includes balance – after nearly killing myself with perfectionism. There are times when I will sacrifice one level of the balance to go the extra mile for a short term thing, but usually I will create balance while allowing for excellence by culling the day’s goals to a reasonable amount of items that I can do well and maintain health and joy – which are part of my ‘best.’ Part of being my best and doing things to my best ability is to say ‘no’ to many things I’d like to do. I try not to start them if I can’t finish them well and with wellness. Does that make sense?

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  3. I think it’s important to know when to half-ass something. If someone (cough my parents cough cough) is always going to keep raising the bar as I’m reaching for it because they “only want the best” for me and best is defined as “better than now,” I’m allowed to know that and not exhaust myself reaching for an unattainable, constantly moving target with a pass-or-fail mentality. I’m not going to no-ass it by any means, but if full-ass isn’t even going to get me there I’ll conserve some energy to spare for other priorities as well.

    … I’m gonna be honest, this comment was partly an excuse to say ass a whole bunch. 🤪


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