Nano 2015 # 22

This is the last thing on my to do list tonight. I’m listening to my hubby and son play chess. The hubby is up two games to nothing. LOL. I’ve just finished a painting I promised my son I would do by Christmas, so go me. When I get done typing this update I will go play cribbage with the hubby and son. I like winter evenings.

Words today: 1921

Time spent: 3 hours at write in but I swear 2/3 of that was chit chat. MY brain just would not focus on writing.

Total Words: 34000 (nice round number)

Estimated completion: Dec 3 (1778 a day to finish on time)

No excerpt today. It was clunky bizarre writing.  But tomorrow I will have a new character for you. evil laughter….

7 thoughts on “Nano 2015 # 22

  1. I play chess with my 10 year old granddaughter … she multitasks … plays fast … ever in a day dream … beats me! My close friend too, in slow recovery, slow games … beats me too! Sometimes my biggest smiles come as I lose and see theirs as they overcome … Sounds like you and your family all won this evening gone. Clunky bizarre writing … no other way some days? New character … all bits intact? I crossed the line on Sunday.

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