Nano 2015 #21

My days seem to be going by faster. I think it comes back to how busy things have been. I had business to attend to with the hubby this morning and then off to the write in. It was a small attendance today which made all the easier for a chatty member to keep the focus off writing for the majority of the time. sigh. Then lunch, where S and I worked out the over arching plan for the Nano to Publish Workshop Seminar series we are doing next year. Yes, that’s right. A monthly workshop where we will help people with some sort of completed manuscript get themselves through the gauntlet to self-published by the end of the year. Pretty exciting stuff.

Then off to Costco where the topic of the day was a apparently my hair. Thirty minutes inside the store and 6 separate comments on the color. Wow.

Back home to host pizza dinner and movie night for three of my son’s friends.

Words written: 1932

Time Spent: 30 at write in, 30 more while the kiddos watched Scooby Doo 2.

Total Words: 32079

Estimated Comp: Dec 3. (1793 a day to finish on time)


Witlow was holding out a file folder. “Have you seen the autopsy report yet?”
“Not the full one, no. But I met with the medical examiner.”
“You might want to look at this.”
His brows furrowed, Spence set down his interrogation notes and took the report. He scanned along through the findings he already knew about. Then he paused. Livor mortis demonstrated the body had been on it’s side in a semi fetal position from time of death long enough for the blood to settle on the right side. Harold Paulson had been moved. That was pretty much a given already. Spence scanned on. The final toxocology was in, but he already knew about the Rohypnol. The medical examiner listed the cause of death as homocide. Spence looked up, “What? I don’t see anything new that’s probative let alone earth shattering.”
“Notice the lack of injuries to the heels.”
Witlow stared at him for a long moment.
“He wasn’t dragged.” Spence grinned maniacally. “Someone carried his body. Someone strong.”
“Or used something to transport him in.” Witlow added.
Spence’s smiled faded just a touch.
“But either way, we are looking for someone strong. How big is your girl?”
Spence tilted his head as considered. “Five three maybe. Curvy rather than thin. How big is Paulson again?” Flipping open the autopsy report he checked Paulson’s stats. “Five eleven, one seventy.”
“Probably too much for Tess unless she’s hiding a body builders body.”
Spence nodded and his smile returned.
“Ok now that we’ve saved your love life, how does that limit our possible suspect pool?”
“My guess is most of the women are technically out unless it’s a husband and wife team situation.”
“A partnership is complicated though. Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” Barnes added unexpectedly.
Spence stopped mid action and turned to Barnes. “Is that the answer right there? Two of them were keeping a secret and now one of them is dead?”
“You mean Paulson’s partner killed him to end the search for the embezzled money?” Witlow was right there with Spence.

4 thoughts on “Nano 2015 #21

  1. I know what you mean about chatty writers. I happen to be one. It’s easier to talk about writing than to write. I went to the library today to write. I knew that if I stayed home, I wouldn’t get anything done. And still it was hard to sit myself down and start writing. Once I did, I got a lot done. This year has been a real revelation. Am spending a lot of my 50,000 words on back stories. But it is helping me with the novel. My plan has never been to stop at the end of November. I shall keep going until I get this one finished. It will be 80 to 100,000 words long. After nanowrimo, I intend to do 1000 words a day.

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    1. Nice plan. Keep me updated on how that works out for you. I know in the past for me I have great plans to be productive and then December happens. LOL. I end up shelving my novel til January which isn’t always a bad thing since I get some perspective before I dive back in.

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      1. If I don’t continue, I will lose the momentum. One of the things I have come to understand is that no matter the project, if you take a break while you’re doing it, it is harder than heck to get back to it. So it’s December, then January and February, probaably.

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