Nano 2015 #20

Oof. It was such a good day in so many ways. Legos, hot tub, long walk with the dog. But one of those days as well where every time I thought to myself I could carve out ten minutes right now to write, opened scrivner, and typed three words my kiddo declared he needed mommy. Whack my forehead into a brick wall. So it’s later than I like to be trying to compose words that make sense as I try to squeeze in a day’s word count. shrug. oh well. Tomorrow is another write in day. A day even better where I get to leave my kiddo behind with the hubby and ride off into the sunset with my laptop for a few hours. If previous weekends have been any guide I should squeak out a few thousand words tomorrow.sweepitundertherug

On the plus side, on Nano today I saw this little link that said, “You are 60% more likely to finish if you have a cover for your book.” So while kiddo was doing his subtraction, I had a quick google and found this.  Very naughty, very amusing, very much the way I would like my book to be described. LOL

Words today: 960

Time Spent writing: 45 minutes mostly in one minute increments. LOL

Total Words: 30,147

Estimated Completion Date: Dec 4th. Well at least I’ll be done by the TGIO party?

Words per day to finish on time 1805. Seems doable.

Of course 1667 seemed doable too and that has proved elusive. My current average daily word count is 1507. Oops.

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