Nano 2015 # 23

It’s late and I am tired. I took most of the day off Nano. Hung out with my kiddo since he didn’t have coop today. Then tonight I went out to Cinebarre with a couple of girlfriends for Bond and Booze. That’s James Bond to you. LOL

I think I ruined my eye for Bond films, though. All I could do was catch the mistakes they made. Too much research for my spy novel I guess. shrug. Oh well.

Words: 296

Time: 15 minutes.

Total: 34296

Est Comp Date: Dec 4 (1963 a day to finish on time)

Oh dear, I really shouldn’t have taken today off but I am having such trouble giving a bleep right now. LOL. Excerpt and new character tomorrow. I think.

3 thoughts on “Nano 2015 # 23

  1. Being a writer has definitely changed my perspective when I watch films, but I’ve learned to enjoy them with my writer brain too. Sometimes I’ll like a movie that others don’t since I appreciate the well done plot devices and can let go some minor acting or effect flaws. It’s all good. Hope you fully enjoyed the day off…Now get to work!! LOL

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