Nano 2015 # 24

Greetings and Salutations from the Roadhouse. I love this place. I even love the drive here. No matter which way you go it involves a drive down a tree lined windy mountain road with the river rushing by on one side or the other.  I love the Makers Mark Bacon and Caramelized Onion fondue which comes with vegetables and fruit and oh alright I’ll admit it, French fries. It’s just warm and cozy and I always write well here.

Tonight was the happy hour write in. And there was easily a happy hour of chatting with V and S before we got down to brass tacks. But words were written by all.

Words Tonight: 2093

Time Spent: 3 hours at the write in but not all of it was spent writing. LOL

Total words: 36, 389

Est. Comp. Date: Back to Dec 3 (1945 needed to finish on time-good year)

Number of bizarre conversations overheard: 6,7,12, 54…oh I lost track. But it was definitely entertaining locals night at the roadhouse.


“I assume you brought Matt to fill in those of us not in the inner sanctum on our legal position.” Board member #5 asked.
Matt nodded and cleared his throat. “Legally speaking, if Harold has embezzled a considerably amount of money from the country club accounts, you, as the board, could be held responsible.”
“Don’t we have insurance for this sort of thing?” Board member #7 asked in horror.
“Not against deliberate defrauding.” Matt calmly replied.
“How the hell did that happen?” Board Member #5 shouted.
No one answered. Dead silence dragged on.
“Someone made that decision Gregg?” Board Member #5 said.
Gregg sipped a small amount of wine before answering. I thought to myself he was stalling rather than actually wanting the wine. “Harold and I discussed it when he took the position and decided we could drop that rider from our policy and increase our accident coverage without substantially changing the cost to the club.”
“You decided? This wasn’t brought before the board for a vote?” Board Member #4 challenged.
Gregg shook his head shortly.
“And the legal ramification of that?” Board Member #4 turned to Matt.
Matt shrugged. “It would really depend on the wording of the board charter. But without seeing that my guess is that you are all still on the hook. This board is responsible to the membership. Everyone is being cagey about the financial ramifications but it looks like over a million dollars is missing. That’s enough to bankrupt this club.”
“I think that’s premature.” Gregg tried to interject but the rest of the board members were too busy exclaiming and starting to formulate sentences, arguments, or attacks.
I circled the table pouring more wine onto troubled waters, but my goal was not to soothe but to increase the tension until someone said something of value to the case.
I popped my head into the kitchen. Malin barely looked up from her notepad where she was scribbling notes and rubbing her nose in equal frantic measures. Interesting. I wondered if she knew she rubbed her nose when thinking hard. At least she’d look like Rudolph by the time we met back up with Spence later. I kept my laugh to myself and went back to the dining room to collect the lunch dishes before people started throwing them.

New Charactermalin.png: Malin Brody

The State Police Psychologist she is brought in to evaluate the responses of the board members when they find out a whole lot of money is missing. She also has a bit of a ridiculous crush on Spence. Drama, Drama.

5 thoughts on “Nano 2015 # 24

  1. Congratulations on your words today. How you can get any writing done, meeting where you are meeting, I will never know. I have to be where I can focus on the story and not on food or friends. For me, that is such a distraction. I am up to 43,658 words for the nanowrimo. Have actually gotten three chapters of my novel written. All the other words are back story.

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  2. 1945 -even I wasn’t born then! Good to hear the buzz brings out the words in you, so early when I read I conjured up Malin Body in my head, and as for Matt’s inner sanctum legal position did a double take, had a coffee shook my head and re-read. Good stuff, got me intrigued as to board member #6?

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