Nano 2015 # 25

Tonight at write in we got to talking about how some years, the idea of Nano ending is just heart breaking. You want it to go on. You want the fun to go on. Last year in fact one woman and I kept meeting every Tuesday morning after Nano ended because we were so sad to see Tuesday morning write ins go. That and I am one hell of a cook and I always made her breakfast. LOL

This year, I can’t wait for Nano to end. I don’t even care if I make 50K at this point, I just want the pain to be over.

Some might argue I’m just having a bad day. But the thing is, until write in I was having a lovely day. I woke up to discover not only had my husband made me coffee but he had already walked the dog. I got to play Twisted Fish with my kiddo. I vacuumed the house, organized all his legos, and cleaned the oven so tomorrow when I’m baking the house won’t smell of smoke.  It was a good day. Home school was easy. Then we watched a fixer upper show together and took a nap. For a normal everyday day, it does not get any better than that. It just doesn’t.

And write in was fun. All except the trying to write part. That sucked. I just want the pain to be over.

Words: not enough

Time: Way too much

Total words: about 5K less than it should be.

Estimated Comp: sometime after I lose.

I am too tired to be objective at this point, so I will say goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the editing bug bite.

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