Nano 2015 # 26 – Sort of

Good evening on this Happy Turkey Day. The reality is, I never much liked Thanksgiving. I don’t really like turkey for starters. And when I was a kid it was all about football. Don’t get me wrong I like football about as much as the next guy, especially when you factor in the next guy is my Dutch husband who only watches soccer. LOL

But as I got older Thanksgiving meant one thing to me, Black Friday ads. I loved Black Friday shopping. Getting up before the crack of dawn to go buy presents. Coming out of a store with baskets full of goodies as the sun rose in the sky. Some years we would be at home and I would leave the hubby in line for the electronic gizmo of the year and go forage into a store, returning occasionally to find Starbucks had been delivering courtesy coffee and muffins. Other years we would stay at my in laws and go to their shopping district which was so snazzy that Target was way too down market to have people in it. It was surreal, employees at the end of every other aisle asking if they could help you find anything. Then we would go out to breakfast.

Either way after a nap we would decorate our house for Christmas. Tree, lights, ornaments. The whole nine yards. Then we would curl up with a copy of White Christmas and wrap every present we bought.

But now it’s all for shite. Black Friday is ruined by even Blacker Thursday night shopping. It’s just wrong. It’s brought the sport down to the level of the common man. Anyone can shop with a belly full of turkey, it’s getting up at 4AM after playing cards with your in laws til midnight that makes a true champion. (laughing) My husband’s employer doesn’t give Friday off. (Bastards) And White Christmas is ruined by bad memories. (Don’t ask.)

So what’s turkey day for this year…well we went for a three hour hike. Took a family hot tub. I made a ham. We watched the Wild Kratts Christmas special. And now my husband and son are currently trying to beat Bowser in his castle at the end of the new Super Mario brothers game while I try to write 22oo words before bed. All the Christmas shopping is done. (except for me, my husband is a dawdler) All the presents are wrapped. (see previous parenthetical statement) The house will be decorated on Saturday in between write ins. And this year post decorating the house I think I’ll watch Lethal Weapon as my Christmas movie of choice. It feels appropriate.



5 thoughts on “Nano 2015 # 26 – Sort of

  1. I’m in Canada and Black Thursday and Friday have taken hold here as well. We don’t even get any time off since our Thanksgiving is in October! It is a bit ridiculous to be honest.

    Also thank you for mentioning the Wild Kratts Christmas special. My son just discovered this show and will be thrilled if I track that down for him.

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  2. Yesterday I woke up early. With my mug of joe, I managed to convince my computer to type out 4000 words while I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Had our turkey with all the trimmings. Later in the evening, we watched Arlo’s Concert commemorating Alice’s Restaurant.

    Today I wrote 2868 words. I am now up to 52,911 words. I plan on doing 55,000 words before I count the thing as a nanowrimo. I had already done about 4000 words on the novel before I started nanowrimo. Since I don’t want to cheat, I will do a little extra. I figured I should have my 55,000 words by the end of tomorrow or Sunday. Maybe sooner if I crack the whip and try to finish tonight.

    As I’ve said before, almost 35,000 words of the nanowrimo has been back story. I have managed to five full chapters finished. Since it is a rough draft, it really is crap. It will require a lot of editing. A lot of editing. But I really like what I have gotten done of the story and I like my characters, and am liking them more and more.

    If I were doing a query letter, this would be the first paragraph, describing the novel:
    Jack A(fter) D(eath) is an 80,000-word fantasy novel that addresses the question of what happens to Jack Schmidt, Nami Greene and Gar Fox after they die. It combines the spiritual pilgrimage of Shusaku Endo’s Deep River, the struggle to overcome fear of Albert Brooks’ Defending Your Life and the adventurous journey found in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

    Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and happy Nanowrimo.

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