Nano 2015 #27

Greetings on this post turkey day. I actually ended up at a retail location today. Gasp shock horror. See it went like this.

Dragged the kiddo out of the house by 9 to make write in. Returned home precipitously because kiddo gave himself a stomach ache chugging hot chocolate. Kiddo then asked for Sushi, I said there wasn’t time today. But the bug was planted in my head. Took kiddo to a Lego class and went to the local public library to write. Got some words in. Got some books for the kiddo and a copy of Inspector Gadget saves Christmas. It’s time to convert him to an appreciation of Inspector Gadget.

Then on the long drive home the word sushi reared it’s head in my brain for the fiftieth time since I told the kiddo no. Next thing I knew we were taking the sushi turn off. Placed our order and then needed to kill 15 minutes.  Kiddo being the savvy kiddo he is says, “We could go to the GameStop mom and let me play the demo games.” Yeah ok.

Which is how I found myself in a retail location on Black Friday. LOL

Words Today: 1666

Time: 2 hours

Total words: 42327

Est Comp Date: Dec 2. (how is that possible, 1919 to finish on time.)


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