Nano 2015 #28

Evening friends. It is cold here. Like dear god I hope my fingers and toes don’t fall off while I walk the dog cold. Ergo, I am writing this post quickly before I go give the dog his evening stroll just in case I can’t type when I return. LOL

Words Today: 1761

Time Spent: 2 hours at a write in, 90 minutes writing I think

Total Words: 44088

Estimated Completion Date: Dec 2

So I need to write around 3K a day to make 50K. I am ok with that.

I’m at a really good point right now, they’re searching the killers house. Spence is interviewing the killer who’s playing games with Spence. It’s fun. If I hadn’t been hosting friends for games and dinner I would have written on for hours and hours I think. But sometimes you need to recharge. Made colcannon to go with my left over seven pounds of ham, played hours of games with friends. Good day.

2 thoughts on “Nano 2015 #28

  1. I deed it. I deed it. 55,004 words. Tomorrow I upload and get my certificate. But the novel isn’t anywhere near finished. That means it’s on int December and January and February till it is Fini. But I will be writing 500-1000 words a day. Which is very doable.

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