Nano 2015 #29

Gettin’ close to the end now. Have you ever had your coffee feel like it was working in reverse? Seriously today I had two latte’s at write in and by the time I got home from that I could have gone straight to bed and to sleep.  All I could do was stumble about the house mumbling about all I needed to take care of.

Words: 1900

Time: 3 hours at write in, 30 more at home.

Total words: 45988

Est Comp: Dec 2


4 thoughts on “Nano 2015 #29

  1. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that a latte is not coffee? Coffee has to be black, no sugar, no cream. And if you want to go Real Coffee, you go espresso. That’s where you squeeze the bean. Whatever juice comes out, that’s the coffee.

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