Kindness Challenge Day 27

Day 27: Get out into nature and feed the birds today


Bwahahahahahha. I always wonder things like this calendar are written. We’ve got 6 inches of snow. There ain’t no birds here. LOL.

It started snowing Christmas Eve and by Christmas morning it was sledding deep. Not to mention a ton of people crashed into ditches or each other or simply abandoned their cars in the middle of the road on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day we were definitely snowed in. I mean we could have gotten out for an emergency, I think, but….

It was Christmas and the kiddo’s best friends live next door. They spent the whole afternoon outside.

Yesterday was tricky. All those cars still abandoned. We stayed home and played more.

Still got snow today. Neighbor kids are coming over in 15 minutes to play in the snow. LOL

Tomorrow I think we are going to a nature event day at the river watershed. Maybe I’ll find birds there to feed. LOL


If you donโ€™t know what I am talking about with the whole Kindness Challenge, you can find theย calendar here. All normal posts will resume in January. Enjoy the time off. Enjoy the kindness. Practice a little yourself.

5 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge Day 27

  1. There are definitely birds out there. They are tough little cookies. However, if the temps are still freezing they’ll be more in need of water than food. A small shallow pan of warm water a little ways out from the house might bring some surprising visitors into view. Just saw a couple of birds here. We don’t have as much snow as you do, but it’s still snowy here too…just sayin’.

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  2. The husband urchased dried meal worms and made fat balls for the birds and filled the containers. Later that day. ‘Love’ called the husband, ‘Hang my fat balls in the tree’ The husband ‘ My fat balls came out good, all covered in worms’
    Me, ‘it’s okay the birds will soon peck them off’.’ It was at this point he realised he was no longer on hold… As my Mother said ‘Oh dear’ and hung up on him… We were kind to the birds and had a good giggle. Happy 2018.๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†

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