Fiendish Friday: Say What?

A new season of Love It or List It came out on HGTV. It’s one of the kiddo’s favorite shows and since I would much rather watch reno than Ninjago with him, I am all for it. But I’ve noticed this commercial. For a riding lawn mower. The wife is quizzing the husband like he’s a five year old about lawn mulching and he has to get all the answers right before she’ll give him the keys to lawn mower so he can presumably go mow their lawn.

It bugged me. Every time I saw it. I started hitting the mute button so I could ignore it.

And then today I realized why. If you switched the characters and a husband was grilling his wife like a small child before she could have the keys to the lawn mower, people would be livid. Totally up in arms about rampant sexism. It would be a movement on Facebook, there would be marches, people boycotting the company, who’s name escapes me now, sorry.

I’ve decided that’s my new line in the sand. If you switch the genders and it’s easily believable as sexist, then it’s not okay either way. Treat everyone equally.

2 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Say What?

  1. I am SO with you on this one! And it’s not just about sexism, there’s a basic lack of respect shown for all others, especially family members, in US commercials presently. It’s very noticeable when you compare the flavor of Canadian commercials, for example. Try watching CBC for awhile. Eye opening. We have all these anti-bullying movements, anti-sexist, making room for those who learn differently, etc. and then behavior modeled in commercials and TV shows is dismissive, demeaning and downright vicious. Which do you think sinks into people’s behavior, an occasional protest comment or modeling day in and day out on favorite shows? What’s written into pop culture Matters!

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