Wednesday Words 2.28

Goodbye February. You were colder than you had any right to be and way more snowy than you have been past years.

Hello March. Normally I have little opinion about March. It comes between my god it is obscenely cold and the month of never ending birthdays, so March gets short shift. But this year, I am embracing March. I am marching forward on my murder mysteries. I am marching forward on a short story for another anthology. I am marching forward on ripping out the ugliest peach shell adorned 90s bathroom tile, I hated since I toured this house 4 and half years ago. I am Marching forward.

And yes, you can interpret that above paragraph to mean I am writing and editing actively, then ripping out tile when I get mad at my drafts.

But today I read a little blog post on Writer Unboxed about knowing your ideal reader. Not just knowing your ideal reader but picking the ideal reader than actually works rather than the one you think will make you look good.

In reality, my ideal reader is mostly 30-45 year old women with lives they want an occasional intelligent escape from. Readers who are knowledgeable and want to believe what they read without working overtime on their suspension of disbelief. Which strangely enough sounds quite like me. LOL. (I may occasionally appeal to the same male reader.)

Which in some ways works to my benefit because I read another statistic recently that said like 62% of all readers are female. So there you go.

What about you? What kind of reader are you?

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