Wednesday Words 8.9

Has this ever happened to you? You finish writing, editing, and fine tuning a piece…all that is left is the last double checking, whatever your process for that might be. And then while you’re walking your dog (running on your tread mill) thinking about the next piece you are about to write that day….you realize you forgot to wrap up a thread in your story. Maybe it’s a minor thread. Maybe the fact that it is dangling has no baring on the any of the plots. Maybe no one would even notice but you….but somehow the idea that a character of yours is walking around with duct tape holding a knife wound closed rubs you the wrong way.

Oh well. There’s still time to bring in a doctor.

I spent a bit of time with my old mystery this week. I had planned to cut a chapter and reword it as an entry for the SIWC competition but I can’t tell if it’s working.

I wrote a new short for the scary anthology. I have no idea if it’s even scary. LOL.

Sigh. At least I’m working forward.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 8.9

  1. Not exactly the same, but this sort of thing happens to me sometimes when I’m writing code. I write the code, test everything I can think of, and then go home so I can sleep on it and give it a quick read-through when I’m fresh in the morning. And then I’m doing something totally unrelated, maybe even sleeping, when I suddenly realize there is some strange edge case I haven’t handled. All I do is make a note of it and deal with it when I am back to working again. I think that sort of thing is just a good way to take advantage of the way our subconscious mind keeps on thinking all the time.

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  2. Usually when I’m done with a story I’m done. But while writing I’ve definitely had the moments.. the 2 a.m. wide eye popping moments. The scary thing will be when I don’t realize anymore!

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