Wednesday Words 7.12

Hello my fellow writers. It is camp Nano time. I usually don’t do the camp ones but they have really changed up the process. So this year I joined a private cabin with my local writing mates and set my goal to the number of minutes spent editing. Yup, you can set goals different from words written. Love this camp thing.

Despite a mad amount of work I got done this last week, I readjusted my camp goal down. Yeah, they let you adjust your camp nano goal. Shocking right? I just lost too much time when the kiddo and then the husband got the grunge that was going around.

Anyway, 7 more chapters edited. I’ve been cleaning up all my justs and buts. Weaving in little bits I had left dangling. For example, in one chapter while Talon is on his way to Moscow Penelope tells him not to drink Siberian Siren vodka, he won’t like how it’s made. I realized I never followed that up. It’s only funny if you know how it’s made. So I found the perfect place to weave it into the story so the reader gets the joke.

How is it made you ask? snort. You’ll just have to wait to get your hands on my novel. Release date in December…..

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