Fiendish Friday: Again

I went into the bastion of hell again yesterday…Home Depot. I know, I know. Why do I do it? I suppose it comes down to this; I needed potting soil for succulents, more succulents, additional plants, paint samples, door stops, blinds, and Vormax replacement fluid for my self cleaning toilet (which is the bomb, BTW).

Where do you go for a list like that? Don’t say Amazon, you can’t buy plants on Amazon. LOL

So it’s Home Depot or Lowe’s. And do you know why I pick HD? Two reasons.

A) They have awesome classes free to the public. You or your kid, they have several types, get to go in and have someone teach you how to do something construction related.  The best part…they’ll answer your dumbass questions, even the ones that are only tangentially related.

B) The Olympic Athlete program. That is just bad ass. It opens the world of competitive athletics to those who aren’t rich.

So I go to HD, even though, it sucks. LOL.

I started with the toilet cleaner, the hubs SAID it was right in the same aisle as the toilets. Nope. I found an employee. Nope. They don’t carry it, even though they carry the toilets. This set of sentences makes it sound all quick and easy but really it took 23 minutes.

I move onto to paint samples. This actually goes just fine. LOL.

The blinds. They have what I want but only in custom made and for 225 a piece. Not on your life.

Plants. I have to say they had a fun selection. And everything is super well labeled, so if you’re a plant idiot like me, you can actually figure out what to buy. But of course they have the water hoses all over the plant area so you couldn’t actually roll your cart around and what I wanted was at the farthest point from where I could park my cart. Grrr. Lots of back and forth with wet muddy plants.

Which brings me to door stops. I finally find them in the plumbing section. ROFL. I like exactly 2 styles. One is completely sold out. The other has 4 left. sigh. I buy them, thus ensuring I will now have to go to another bastion of hell to find the rest….

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