I’ve been thinking Thursday: Moving House

We’re getting ready to move this weekend. The kiddo is anxious and badly behaving, but we talk it through with him daily and it seems to help. The dog is anxious and glued to my calf. I wish we could talk it through with him, but smart as he is, he doesn’t quite grasp what I’m saying. (Yes, we are taking the dog with us.)

And every one who hears we’re moving asks: bigger and better house?

When I laugh and say quite the opposite they all look puzzled.

Here’s the thing people don’t talk about: a large beautiful home takes hours and hours and hours of maintenance on the inside to keep it clean, to keep the paint mar free, to keep the hard woods in good condition. And you have to take care of it because it’s a huge investment of money.

And then when that house sits on an acre the previous owners perfectly manicured, you have to spend hours and hours and hours mowing the lawn and pulling weeks to keep that looking nice as well.

Unless you pay exorbitant rates for a weekly gardener and house cleaner. We live in the middle of no where, the options are limited and so people charge through the nose. Plus did you know that if you have a nicer house people charge you more? Just saying, had vendors straight out admit it to me when I called them on it. Anyway, the point is without outside help your entire life is maintaining that home and yard. No time for anything else.

Compounded by the fact that we do live in the middle of no where and commute times have doubled since we moved here…..

So yes, we’re moving. No, we didn’t buy another beautiful show home. We didn’t buy a new home at all.

We’re renting, a small townhouse with no yard to maintain, and shorter commute times.

What about you? Do you feel burdened by your house and yard?

3 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking Thursday: Moving House

  1. My husband and I rent a small home. It’s more than plenty to maintain and I constantly rue the writing time I’m giving up for the bit of maintenance I must do. There’s so much more to life than cleaning and gardening, and I love our decision to be renters. In many ways we’re more free. We are also vulnerable to landlord whims, but to us it’s worth it. Also, my commute time in moving here went to 7 minutes from and hour (which would likely be 2 hours or more now) and I very directly use that same time after work to write my novels. Think what the world was missing while I pulled out my hair in traffic…LOL. But seriously…MUCH happier life for us in keeping it simple. I hope you find it just as pleasing and more.

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  2. Sounds like a good move for you. Our place isn’t that big, and certainly not fancy, so the maintenance isn’t too onerous. With a great big dog (Newfoundland) who sheds a lot, there’s more cleaning than I like, but that’s life right now. As for the garden, it supplies me equally with stress and blessings. More stress this time of year, due to summers that seem to be getting hotter and drier. I spend a lot of time moving water to plants. Am hoping rain comes sooner rather than later. Not moving any time soon, though.

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