Book Review: The Reckoning Stones

I adore Laura DiSilverio’s work. She writes a couple of really fun cozy series and some stand alone thriller stuff I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The Reckoning Stones was one of many books I downloaded for my recent road trip with the kiddo.

Basic Summary (Courtesy of Goodreads):

After accusing the pastor of her close-knit religious community of molesting her, fourteen-year-old Mercy Asher is branded a liar and publicly humiliated. She runs away on the night someone beats the pastor into a coma and kills his wife.

Two decades later, Mercy has become Iris Dashwood, an emotionally troubled but brilliant jeweler. She thinks she’s in control of her life until news of Pastor Matt’s miraculous awakening broadsides her and leaves her unable to design. Iris returns to Lone Pine, Colorado, determined to confront her past to restore her creativity.

Iris reconnects with her mother, best friend, and boyfriend who harbor secrets she must unearth to find a killer. In the final reckoning, the truth may cost more than she anticipates. Will it bring redemption…or devastation?


My thoughts:

I am torn on this book. As usual Laura has a brilliant take on what makes people tick. I love that about her writing. On the other hand, I had trouble connecting with the main character of this book. And it was so dire and sad most of the time, that while I felt compelled to see it thru, I didn’t feel the love. Part of me wants to expand on what bothered me but it would be giving away parts of the plot. So I’ll just say I hated how few people did the right thing.

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