I’ve been thinking Thursday: Moving

Yup, I am moving again. This weekend in fact. Will be lots easier this time as we divested ourselves of all the “stuff” when we moved last summer from the ginormous house to the reasonable townhouse.

I had actually planned to move yesterday. But then at closing I found out the house had asbestos. Yes, they divulged previously, to the hubs, who didn’t think it was a big deal. But it was a big deal to me. So we hired a contractor our real estate agent knew and got that taken care of. It was supposed to be done today. So I canceled all the move arrangements. Rescheduled for Saturday.

Guess what happened?

No, seriously, say it…

And you’d be wrong. They finished early. I could have made my Wednesday move plans. sigh.

It’s like some reverse corollary of the things will go wrong when you count on them not to. I counted on it all going wrong and then it didn’t? What is that?

Anyway, I must get back to my boxes. The kitchen isn’t going to move itself. But wouldn’t that be nice. LOL

I’ve been thinking Thursday: Disaster

This week will be a brief thought line as I now have two homes that are a total mess. LOL

We moved. The new commute times are fabulous. I can run to 2 different grocery stores in the less than five minutes! Target is four minutes away. Love it!

However, the old house is a disaster. The new house is a disaster. LOL. And so I am currently spending my saved driving time, making sanity from insanity. But a few short weeks and that will be done.

For now I will share a story of our move day. I had packed up the whole kitchen and moved it the day before because there is nothing worse than being hot, tired, in the middle of moving and you can’t find a damn thing to eat. But come move day we had all the furniture to do. Mostly it went easy-peasy.  Til we got to the couch. Darn thing wouldn’t fit up the stairs from the garage to the living room.

sigh. hrm. now what?

So the hubs carried it around back on his head and I went out onto the deck. Do you know what’s coming? LOL.

He pushed, I pulled, and we flipped it up over the railing and onto the deck. How high is this deck and railing you ask? Eight feet give or take. ROFL.

What’s your favorite moving insanity story?


I’ve been thinking Thursday: Moving House

We’re getting ready to move this weekend. The kiddo is anxious and badly behaving, but we talk it through with him daily and it seems to help. The dog is anxious and glued to my calf. I wish we could talk it through with him, but smart as he is, he doesn’t quite grasp what I’m saying. (Yes, we are taking the dog with us.)

And every one who hears we’re moving asks: bigger and better house?

When I laugh and say quite the opposite they all look puzzled.

Here’s the thing people don’t talk about: a large beautiful home takes hours and hours and hours of maintenance on the inside to keep it clean, to keep the paint mar free, to keep the hard woods in good condition. And you have to take care of it because it’s a huge investment of money.

And then when that house sits on an acre the previous owners perfectly manicured, you have to spend hours and hours and hours mowing the lawn and pulling weeks to keep that looking nice as well.

Unless you pay exorbitant rates for a weekly gardener and house cleaner. We live in the middle of no where, the options are limited and so people charge through the nose. Plus did you know that if you have a nicer house people charge you more? Just saying, had vendors straight out admit it to me when I called them on it. Anyway, the point is without outside help your entire life is maintaining that home and yard. No time for anything else.

Compounded by the fact that we do live in the middle of no where and commute times have doubled since we moved here…..

So yes, we’re moving. No, we didn’t buy another beautiful show home. We didn’t buy a new home at all.

We’re renting, a small townhouse with no yard to maintain, and shorter commute times.

What about you? Do you feel burdened by your house and yard?