Fiendish Friday : Nero Wolfe

I suppose it was an eon ago now that I was talking to my step mother who suggested my Dad was very much obsessed with Nero Wolfe and that it would make a great Christmas present for him. I popped over to A&E and due to a random unexplainable mistake, I ended up with two copies of Season One of Nero Wolfe.

Eventually I got around to watching the copy I kept for myself.

Love, love, love the music. Amazing big band sound.

The actors and actresses actually know how to act. They do. And here’s how I explain that. I watched the entire first season. And I didn’t catch it. It wasn’t until part way through the second season that I realized there are only maybe a dozen actors total. They play a variety of roles. Some playing more than one role per episode. And yet, I didn’t catch on for hours and hours of viewing because they could actually ACT. That is hard to come by these days.

I keep meaning to read the books the series was based on. But part of me is shying away from the books. What if they ruin the beauty of this show? What if the books aren’t very good? Or what if they are amazing and I can’t watch the show anymore because it doesn’t live up to the books?

sigh. And really, don’t let me get started on Timothy Hutton…

One thought on “Fiendish Friday : Nero Wolfe

  1. The books will not ruin your love of the show(I believe). The show compliments the books beautifully (I think). It took me a while to realise that there are only a few actors and they are just rotated but I think that works really well.

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