Fiendish Friday-Imagination Run Amuck

The other day I was chatting with my friend G while our boys had a play date. G started telling me how her husband really likes Jersey and he never likes any dog. To which I reply, well Jersey is a good boy. G nods and goes on to say everyone loves that dog, everyone but M. M is her son.

I shrug and say, he’s afraid. To which G replies but he’s never had a bad experience with a dog, it’s all in his mind.

I immediately get a little warm in the cheeks and tell her about my morning experience with my imagination running amuck.

I walk the dog every day before my husband goes to work. Arguing with my son to go with me just takes all the joy out of the experience, not to mention he is slow as molasses. So occasionally I will cajole him into going to the dog park with Jersey and I, but I generally walk the dog before the hubby leaves. Usually this is super convenient as the hubby leaves between 845 and 9. Some days, however, the hubby has to leave EARLY. Really early.

Sometimes I find myself walking the dog at like 645 AM before the sun comes up. Now this always scares me. And there are plenty of things to be scared of on this mountain. We have bears, cougars, bobcat, coyotes, etc. But at 645AM in the pitch black darkness (no street lights on my mountain) I do not think of any of these things. I am checking over my shoulder, in every bush, and behind every tree…for zombies.

I shit you not. I am almost 40. Well Read. Somewhat well educated. I’m city savvy and farm functional. But the entire time I am walking the dog in the dark I am checking constantly for zombies and I am talking myself down in my head to keep from running home screaming. You want to know what I tell myself?

There has not been an outbreak. I would have heard if there had been. And if it happened over night in the nearest big city, we are too far away for them to have gotten out to us yet.

I am too old for the bogeyman. But not too old for zombies.

What irrational fears screw with your life?

6 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday-Imagination Run Amuck

  1. That if I’m wearing team colors on game day, it helps my team on TV somehow, but THE WORST is if I’m NOT watching and they’re winning, and I start watching and they start losing, then what do I do? Or if I’m recording the game and they’re winning, that it will mess with fate if I stop recording the game that I am sitting right there watching.

    But those are silly, small fears.

    The big fears? Zombies.

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  2. I have a fear of anything that goes bump in the night. Silence also scares me. Complete silence. I can handle being alone, as long as there’s noise, but complete silence scares me to death.

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