Fiendish Friday: Crafty Devil

You’re an author. Your work is out to readers. you’re waiting patiently to be told it is a here to fore undiscovered master piece of literary prowess. What do you do in the mean time?

Well, if you’re me waiting to be told it’s obvious who killed the guy ten pages after the body turns up in your murder mystery, you get crafty.

Behold the chess table for my boys.

Take an old table you had in your first apartment. Sand it down to remove the nasty old gloss varnish. Spend way longer than it should have taken to draw out a chess board. Yay, for measuring mistakes. Paint the table something bright to spruce up your boring brown couches. Paint the squares of the chess board. Be sure to have a long pointless arguement with your husband about how the black square goes in the bottom left corner, where he refuses to understand the board will not be black and white.



Now it just needs a coat of protectorate and 48 hours to dry before the boys can tear it up. Chess is such a dangerous game.



5 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Crafty Devil

  1. It looks fantastic! You want to know who’s really bad at Chess and also Checkers? That’s right. I’m sitting here admitting it. My only challenge is seeing if I can lose in three moves.

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