Fiendish Friday : Youtube: heaven or hell?

Back in high school ABC had their big Sunday night movie series. I fell in love with one named Plymouth. It’s about a small town in Oregon that has to abandon the town due to a major environmental disaster at a localish plant. I don’t think they say what it is, but people have to leave pronto and can’t ever go back. So the big corporation that made their town uninhabitable offers to move the entire town to the moon to work and manage their mining operation there.

The movie takes place over the course of two days. The last of the townies arrive, there’s a solar flare, and the last of the corporate guys go back to earth. Things are complicated in the middle, of course. ABC never picked up the series which was a total bummer. It was probably an expense issue as the pilot was the most expensive made for TV movie made at that point. Similar to why Firefly got canned and we have way better technology now, making things cheaper to film.

So I recorded this when I saw it the first time in high school but my dad kept the tape because he liked it also. Every time I would visit my dad I would watch the movie while I was there. It was awesome, colonizing the moon. Occasionally I would google search to see if it was somehow available on DVD but it never was. Last time I visited my dad he sheepishly admitted the tape was GONE. Whimper, whimper pout.

The other day I google and discover someone has uploaded the movie to Youtube. YES!!!

I watched it with joyful anticipation. It’s still the same slightly dramatic but very fun movie. 3.5 disks are the technology of the future. LOL.

Then it happens, part of the damn movie is missing from the Youtube uploads. NO!!!!

What’s the point, I mean seriously, of going through the trouble to upload an entire movie and leaving out five minutes in the middle? I hate Youtube. And then I love it. And then I hate it again. Bah.

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