F is for Face (to launch a thousand sales)


“Originally the book cover was designed to sell the book to the book store, who judged solely on the cover whether to buy something for their store(s). Now, cover appeal is all about how it looks in a tiny square on Amazon.”

“If you are using a traditional publishing house, chances are your book cover will get art from the slush pile assigned to it. Few houses ask an author’s opinion on cover art until they make a name. The bigger the house, the less say you get.”

“A soulless picture on the cover is not going to connect to readers no matter how beautiful it is.”

“Europeans don’t like people on their covers. Consider a different cover for your European market.”

“Above all be true to the story and deliver what the cover promises.”

-Book Cover Hero(ines) Panel

2 thoughts on “F is for Face (to launch a thousand sales)

  1. Takes me back to our exchange of comments on your book cover…no lets not reopen that. Being one I’m not sure about Europeans not liking people on covers? Mind you us Brit’s may not be Europeans for much longer!

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