G is for Good Feedback


“Writers will give you writer feedback. How they would have written it. Readers give you reader feedback, how they experienced reading your book.”

“Try to get better writers than you to beta your novel.”

“Careful with how much redrafting you do, you could be washing out the good stuff.”

How much editing to do? One author says “The story stays but the words change as I pump things up.” Another says “90% of my words stay but I am a slow perfectionist writer.”

-The Art of Writing it Again Panel

5 thoughts on “G is for Good Feedback

  1. NaNoWriMo is one of my favorite things. My first published novel was a NaNo novel 🙂 These are good tips. The author knows what she meant to write, not necessarily what ended up on the page. Good feedback tells you what you actually wrote so you can go back in and fill in the holes.

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