I is for Indie Publishing


-Use original I.jpgcover art. Try deviant art to find an artist or piece you like. Be sure to pay them for it, don’t steal(plagiarize). It’s rude and really bad karma.

-Use a professional editor, but have them do a test chapter before you sign on with one.

-Do conventions.

-Establish and maintain your brand.

-Identify your alpha fans and let them help you. Heck, beg them to help you.

-Your next book is your best marketing tool. You cannot over saturate your market.


-Level Up Your Self Publishing Skills Panel

3 thoughts on “I is for Indie Publishing

  1. Yeah…don’t steal artwork or pics. Not for a cover. Not for a blog post! I know a fellow blogger that got sued for using an image in a blog post without paying for that image. The artist won the lawsuit. My blogging buddy had to pay for the image plus court fees. YIKES! When in doubt, make sure it’s an image you own or have the right to use.

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      1. Use the filters to determine what is for public, non-commercial use. The NYC Library (or some NYC org) has a lot images available for use. I would think that using things with permission is a complement. Good idea to credit, too.

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