V is for Verbal Fight

Na na na na na na na I wanna start a fight – Pink


V (1)Think about your dialogue as an action scene. It’s a verbal fight, a verbal spar. Everyone wants something. Each character has an agenda.

People don’t respond perfectly or even appropriately to what is said.

People don’t speak in complete sentences.


Your characters pattern of speech says something about them. Use dialect as a subtly applied flavor, not as a sauce.

Sometimes saying nothing is the most powerful answer.

-Purpose Driven Dialog Panel

One thought on “V is for Verbal Fight

  1. This is distilled down perfectly. Very poignant points. So helpful to be mindful of what’s really going on with the characters instead of just answering back and forth with some things that you want in the story. If the character wouldn’t be thinking or feeling it, then it shouldn’t be said by them…or perhaps at all.

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