U is for qUalia


This wUas a new term to me. Qualia is the idea that some of our experiences are so subjective we have no way of knowing if others experience them the same way because it’s all an internal experience. Like the color green for example. Just because we all agree that this is GREEN doesn’t mean we see it the same way or we might actually see it exactly the same. That’s the point, we have no way of verifying that subjective experience from person to person. 


That’s something that you can use to focus on the details when creating an alien world or culture. Small details give a resonance to the work. 

Another tip was to get a few scientific facts right in the start of your book and then most people stop fact checking you. LOL

-A Culture By Any Other Name Panel

5 thoughts on “U is for qUalia

  1. Seems kind of dark creamy minty green to me. Anyway, checking your facts is a good tip- especially if you want to write Sci Fi. My husband and I watch the show Scorpion together. He’s forever sighing and saying they’re way off. Who writes this stuff? Then he goes into falsetto clueless writer mode mimicking; ‘Oh no, our super strong internet connection can’t connect unless we run out of this building with the metal roof and slither to the top of the nearest icicle hill and nearly die in the snow!’

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