Creative Nepotism?

I had 12 extra seconds today and found that rare opportunity to click over to the Discover link on my reader page. This is what caught my eye. I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. I know I’ve certainly found myself giving better reviews to people I know and like, agonizing about whether to tell someone their book needs work because I really liked the person, and wondering if my less than impressed opinion was valid because someone was way more successful than me. Let me know what you think…

At Vida, writer Dallas Athent confronts one of the thorniest issues plaguing the literary scene: the unspoken nepotism-fueled culture of connections and reciprocal favors that determines who gets published where.

via Report from the Field: Struggling with Creative Nepotism — Discover

7 thoughts on “Creative Nepotism?

  1. We like art, music, clothing, coffee, beer, food, other persons. But we may not like the same ones. We enjoy different art, food, movies, and books. When art becomes business, what else can we expect? People behave like people. Yes, cred counts. As far as writing is concerned–it depends there also. What is technically necessary and correct? What is the artistic and aesthetic quality of the subjectively judged and valued manuscript? Something to ponder when I do. Thanky.

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  2. It’s in every industry and in life in general. I used to feel it was very unfair and was plagued by it all, but I’ve realized it’s only natural to help those you know and be more ambivalent to those you don’t know. Also, my values have changed to appreciate friendship more and to understand relationships’ place in business too. Perhaps people should be rewarded for relationships. If you had the ability to help get your friend’s cool new book published, would you? If they had done something similar to help you, wouldn’t you want to give back to them within your means and power?
    Rather than being upset about it being an ‘in’ crowd, it makes sense to spend energy being helpful and friendly and perhaps eventually finding yourself ‘in’ as well. Yes?

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    1. Sure. Like I said I don’t know how I feel about this. There’s an ongoing tennis match in there right now. One side making arguments very similar to yours and the other arguing things similar to the article. LOL

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  3. This isn’t unique to publishing. It is always easier to land a job if you know someone on the inside.

    Keep networking, it is the best way to open doors. The second is being good at what you do. Last, working hard at everything you do. In that order, IMO. 😉

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