Book Review: Title Withheld

No, I didn’t read a book called Title Withheld, but I wanted to give you the set up before I named the book. So work with me here…

I take my kiddo and my friend’s three kiddos to the library where we are set to meet up with said friend and then go to the pool. Oldest kiddo has research to do so he goes over to one side of the library to get those books. Sits down at a table there. The other three flock to the library pc to play educational computer games(all three have their own kindles and PC access, so they could play the same games at home but something about the library just makes PBS kids so enticing). I find books for me, some for what I want to school the kiddo in the upcoming week, grab one for the hubby, and then take up a position near the front door with eye lines on both sets of kids and to watch for the friend. There I stand. sigh. I wait. I wait some more. I finally step two or three steps to the left and glance down at the “Reader’s Choice” shelf. There I see it. The most ridiculous book ever.

You know what’s coming right? I pick it up. I start to read. I am laughing out loud in the library. My friend arrives 18 pages later. I quickly check it out. Shove it in my bag before anyone sees me. I continue to laugh out loud every where I read the damn book for days.

The book is FUNNY. It makes fun of the actor. It makes fun of hollywood. It makes fun of the film industry. It makes fun of the awards system. Yes, he used a collaborator. But seriously, I don’t even care. It was hysterical.  And to top it all off, it’s a choose your own autobiography. Yep, he wrote multiple paths describing where you could have done things differently than he did. He dies a lot. Er, well, you die a lot?

So while I don’t like the actor any better than I did before. Not that I disliked him, he was just non existent in my world. Now I think he’s funny. And I even went to netflix and added his most recent show to my instant queue. I might even watch it some day. LOL

℘℘℘℘℘ – Five Pages. Ok I didn’t read it one sitting, but it was funny enough I got over my embarrassment and read it in public and I added the show to my netflix queue. I’ll tell you the name of the book if you promise not to tell anyone…promise? No, I mean really promise. Uncross your fingers. No take backs.

Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography

PS. I’m still in Hawaii so go ahead and make fun of me…nah nah nah nah

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