Book Review: In the Woods

A girl friend of mine suggest In The Woods by Tana French right as I was leaving for Hawaii. I popped over to the library website and got the last e-copy. I took that as a good sign, a fortuitous sign that I should read this while on vacation.

What can I say about this book? It’s 560 odd pages long. At least a third of them could have been cut without the plot or character development losing anything. The books details essentially two different cases. The current, present day murder which is being worked on by three detectives and the cold case disappearance of one of the detective’s two friends, which occurred when he was 12 in the same housing development as the present day murder.

The present day murder is obscenely obvious. I knew exactly what was going down from the get go. The long ago disappearance was intriguing. They don’t solve the old cold case. Which bugs. After 560 pages I wanted closure on that. And since the present day case was so stinking obvious it was really irritating to have the intriguing case just left hanging. I am tempted to read the next book just to see if the author ever clears it all up but since the detective who lost his friends is off the force and likely not in the second book, what’s the point exactly?

ā„˜ā„˜ā„˜ – Three Pages. I read it but only cause I was on vaca. Otherwise I would have tossed it’s long winded babble to the side and moved on.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: In the Woods

  1. I literally just finished this book a week ago. And yes, the ending was abrupt and I so badly wanted things to work out for Ryan. I’m currently reading the sequel and no, Tana doesn’t go into detail about the ’84 case; it revolves around Cassie this time. I’ll just say this, ‘The Likeness’ is by the far the better book of the two.

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