Fiendish Friday: Turn of Phrase

Have you ever noticed your mood really affects word choice? Mine do.

My word choice got up close and personal this week and that made me start thinking about how I phrase things.

For Example:

-Sunday at the close of Maple Valley Days. I was tired, frustrated, ready to be just done with people. A fellow author asked what I thought about next year and my response was “I’m not doing this shit again.” LOL

But by Wednesday, I was refreshed and back to my normal. So when I wrote about it, I was making jokes and chalking it all up to a learning experience.

-Or the ever common. I hate my job by Thursday night and it’s not so bad by Sunday night. LOL

-Monday was my birthday and someone I asked to leave my life a few years back, decided it was a good time to rear up and send a manipulative email. On Monday, she was bat shit fucking crazy and always does this, ruins every damn holiday with her crap.

But most of the year, I just smile and say she’s no longer in my life.

Sometimes that’s the hardest part, editing your words before you say them so you remember what’s really true and not what your emotions want you to believe is true, because emotional responses pass. But you have to live with the repercussions.


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