Wednesday Writer’s Cafe 6/15

So my regular Wednesday night baby sitter, is gone for the summer. slaps forehead.

This means I get to take my kiddo to Writer’s Cafe. sigh. There are worse things. But it makes everything more complicated.

This last weekend was Maple Valley Days. I manned a booth for an insane 27 hours over the course of three days. I sold two books. Possibly the worst ROI ever. LOL. It wasn’t just me though. It was like we were the black hole booth. No one wanted to stop at us. Or if they did, in response to our opening, “We’re a cooperative of seven locals authors, we’ve either written or read everything on the table so let us know if you have any questions,” we heard “I haven’t heard of any of these authors.” um, gee, I heard Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and James Patterson declined to attend this year, sorry to disappoint you. LOL

Oh well, chalk it up to a learning experience and move on.

In the cool stuff category, I just got an email from a publisher asking if I want to review an early galley of an upcoming book by an author I had previous reviewed on the blog. How cool is that?


I’ve decided to report on my stated 2016 goals each Wednesday at cafe for a little prod of accountability.

– Participate in one flash fiction challenge per month.

√ um….June isn’t over yet right? right.

– Prepare and teach “Nano to Publish”.

√ Rolling, rolling, rolling.

– Any time I am not actively working on my 2015 Nano Novel, write 2500 words per week on my spy novel until it is done. (After four years, it’s time to put this mess to bed.)

-A hop, skip, and jump from being done, baby, done. I would like 3-4 authors who would like to give author beta. Contact me if you’re interested.

Non writing goals

– Prepare and teach two classes at the coop for the 2016-2017 school year.

√ I ordered some book from the library so I can start  developing that geography class. Does that count? LOL

– Take better care of my body, ie. stop compulsively painting, crocheting, and writing until my back or shoulder is so tore I can barely use either.

√ Check, Check.

– yoga daily.

√ er not so check. I got off schedule on my trip to Cali but I’m working back around to normal.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Writer’s Cafe 6/15

  1. Keep trudging through the fog. The light is out there. You will find it!

    Eventually you will realize YOU are the light and so will everyone else.

    You are doing all the right things to be a strong, bright light. Keep on girlfriend!

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  2. Very cool indeed. BTW, I don’t think our booth was less visited than others, in fact I think we got more traffic than many. When you and I walked around, I think we engaged with about 6 booths. Considering the number of people who walked by total, I’d say if they were picking 6 booths, then we got a good share – more than many booths. In my experience selling books at festivals as opposed to sales events is like this. Sorry! Book sales is a tough road. Though I like the indoor paths much better than the outdoor trails. I plan to stick to indoor from now on unless there’s an event we just can’t pass up!

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