Book Review: The Last Star

My number finally came up on the wait list and I got my hands on a copy of The Last Star by Rick Yancey. I have elsewhere talked about the first two installments in this series. And I have to say number three did not disappoint.

My biggest complaint about the first book, The Fifth Wave, was that it was 75% from Cassie’s whiny perspective. The second book, The Infinite Sea, was like 75% the bad ass characters from the first book. So I liked that one a lot.

The Last Star almost but not quite wraps things up. I don’t want to give too much away but let me say that Rick Yancey doesn’t tie it all up in a nice little bow where man kind pulls together to triumph over the nasty alien race that wants to annihilate them. There is not a pretty Hollywood ending. And I like that. Although it made me cry and I don’t like that.

So book three, the battle continues to rage. How does a small band of juveniles defeat a much technologically superior enemy? I’m flashing back to Red Dawn, the first one of course, not the remake. The answer in case you haven’t seen the movie, is with desperate strength and courage.

Just read the series. I know Cassie can be a bit off putting in the first book but keep in mind by book three she will be waxing poetic about Bacon.

Thinking about the bacon-the potential of bacon-gives me hope. Not all is lost if bacon isn’t.

She can’t be all bad, LOL.

℘℘℘℘℘ – Five Pages. I read this Sunday morning while my son and his friends had cartoons and pancakes. In fact I read this while making pancakes and sausage and then was momentarily sad I hadn’t made bacon. I’ll definitely look at other series by Rick Yancey. I probably won’t watch the movie though. Hollywood will just make whiny Cassie more whiny I am sure.

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